Excellence in
Finance and Risk

True North Partners

True North Partners LLP is an independent consulting firm with presence in London, Johannesburg, Frankfurt, Madrid, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Dubai. We specialise in finance, risk and strategy and have extensive global experience and industry recognition in the financial services, risk management and finance communities.

Our partners have been with internationally leading consulting firms and the industry with a combined experience of 260+ years in the management of finance, risk and strategy.

We have a track record as an independent partnership since 2006. Our clients are leading financial institutions, predominantly in Europe and in emerging markets such as South Africa.

True North (navigation, nautical)

The direction of the geographical north pole. The reference direction for measurement of true directions.


We make concepts practical

+ 100
+ 15
+ 10
+ 200
Projects per year
+ 10
Age of firm


We offer a unique skill set, consulting approach,
expertise and experience in financial services

Broad skill-set & focus on innovation

Background of Partners and staff:

  • Extensive consulting experience that is complemented by relevant industry experience
  • Analytical background with a preference for lateral thinking and innovative approaches

Skill set:

  • Modelling and analytics combining risk and finance expertise
  • Design, optimisation and implementation of operating models
  • Strategy development incl. business ventures
  • Policy design

Deep expertise across functions

Risk and finance:

  • Strategy, objectives, mandate, governance, organisation
    and people
  • Processes and policies
  • Tools, models, methodology and concepts
  • Systems, data and reports

Financial services businesses:

  • Strategy review and (re-)design
  • Product design and innovation
  • Optimisation of operations
  • Policy design

Policy and regulation for financial institutions

High-value added consulting approach

  • Real impact through innovative and bespoke client solutions in our areas of expertise
  • We drive concepts to implementation by working together closely with client teams
  • High flexibility to put clients first and low overhead
  • Our partnership with owner-managers ensures exceptional degree of accountability and commitment to partnering with clients
  • Our innovative and entrepreneurial operating model attracts talent

Experience with a range of institutions

  • International footprint: Top institutions world-wide (EU and North America | Leading emerging markets banks)
  • Extensive track-record in banking with detailed understanding of entire breadth of banking businesses
  • Also experience in insurance and other financial services as well as regulators, central banks etc.


Excellence in Finance and Risk

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