We commit ourselves as partner to our clients

Our distinctive value proposition includes two key elements:

  • We provide leading-practice expertise and experience in risk and finance to develop, tailor and communicate superior solutions.
  • We offer senior on-the-ground presence to drive change at our clients, which ensures that we deliver real impact rather than just ‘power-point concepts’. This means that we work closely with our clients – and not as a separate consulting team.

Our values: a firm built around and for its people

Our firm is built around and for its people – it is our sincere belief that every individual adds value to our firm and hence, we offer you the chance to shape the environment you work in.

Our firm is based on trust, respect and a down-to-earth attitude that enables an open and diverse culture with flat hierarchies.

This creates an environment to make change happen and to be able to add genuine value to our clients.


True partnership begins with attitude

Impact: We drive concepts through to implementation
Project approach that ensures know-how transfer
  • Comprehensive documentation and knowledge transfer through on-site work in joint teams
  • Puts our clients in a position to build on our work without the need for further consulting support
Flexible support (‘we do not run away’)
  • We can provide ongoing support/coaching to ensure successful implementation
  • Strong and personal commitment to mutually beneficial client relationships
‘Get it right’: We develop better solutions and make concepts practical
Senior delivery of our collective know-how and deep expertise
  • Significant on-the-ground presence of seniors and global resourcing ensures that our collective experience is reflected in our deliverables
  • Avoid the typical consultant problem that too junior teams cannot deliver on firm’s promises
Unparalleled experience (‘we have done it before’)
  • Extensive practical experience of our people ensures ‘hands-on’ results for daily use rather than theoretical consulting ‘concepts’
  • We coach and help our clients to manage change
Commitment: We are committed partners to our clients
Run by independent owner-managers and entrepreneurial staff
  • Higher level of accountability: We do not hide behind a brand
  • Truly independent advice through independent partnership governance
Entrepreneurial and innovative firm
  • High flexibility to put clients first and low overhead
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial operating model attracts talent


We always strive for excellence in what we do