Leading in strategic themes around finance and risk

We are a dedicated team specialising in strategic themes evolving around finance and risk for financial institutions. We have deep expertise across risk and finance functions, financial services businesses and relevant regulatory requirements and a strong focus on innovation.

Our broad skill set includes

  • Modelling and analytics combining risk and finance expertise
  • Design, optimisation and implementation of operating models
  • Strategy development including business ventures
  • Policy design

Our work is centred on strategic themes in finance and risk

Our partners and staff alike have strong backgrounds in the areas of finance and risk and have completed numerous projects in this space. Most of our work evolves around strategic themes in finance and risk, and in particular around the integration of the two functions, including the development of concepts and subsequent implementation. Some recent examples include:

  • Integrated planning, budgeting and controlling
  • Configuration of a modern, integrated finance & risk function
  • Business and processes optimisation
  • Risk profile management and inclusion in performance management
  • Regulatory compliance and how to react to regulatory change

We work at the Group level, for specific Business units or in a joint function between Group and BUs. A summary of the major themes we are working on is illustrated below.


Leading in finance and risk